Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund

For applicants who require financial assistance, the Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund (WEAF) offers a flexible bursary/assistance scheme. There isn't a specific amount of money available, or a specific amount of bursaries. Each request will be addressed on a case to case basis. Parents who wish to apply to the Wolwedans Education Assistance Fund will have to submit a motivation, accompanied by such from the trainee in order to be considered for a one-on-one opportunity to further present the application to a small panel.

Trainees who require financial assistance are encouraged to apply in writing to the Wolwedans Foundation and elaborate on their financial circumstances to motivate for financial assistance.

The Wolwedans Foundation commits to request financial support from the relevant stakeholders of the Namibian financial assistance community to make access to tertiary vocational training as seamless as possible.

The cost of education shouldn’t be a barrier in the pursuit of acquiring knowledge and skills. The Wolwedans Foundation continues to engage its partners (The Social Security Commission of Namibia and the National Training Authority) to assist us in acquiring the necessary funds to make available as bursaries and funding schemes to support our most economically vulnerable applicants.

There are a host of external funding bodies in Namibia. Please click on their website links below, acquaint yourself with their offerings and follow their process guidelines to pursue their funding schemes, bursaries or financial assistance programmes:

Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund

http://nsfaf.fund/   | .  Tel: +264 61 420 600

Old Mutual & NedNamibia Education Trust

http://www.dogreatthings.com.na/sub_page/education/oldmutual-nednamibia-education-trust . 

The Social Security Commission of Namibia

https://www.ssc.org.na/  | .  Tel: +264 61 280 7999